Thank you for providing such a valuable service. I have been utilizing your portable ultrasound services for 13 years and am extremely satisfied with the level of service provided by your staff. I will be sure to recommend you to my peers.
Dr. B.
General Practice
Selden, NY

Our experience with Rapid Diagnostics has proven them to be a company that I can highly recommend. My patients appreciate the convenient and familiar surroundings of having testing done in my office. Their technicians and office staff are prompt, courteous and most importantly, always professional. They are a valuable part of my practice and let us order all our testing from one source, with a high standard of care.
Dr. Z.
Family Practice
Staten Island, NY

For more than six years I have been using Rapid Diagnostics for all of our office diagnostic testing. My patients appreciate the comfort and ease of diagnostic testing done in our office. Our practice recognizes the value of retaining and supervising patient care rather than referring them elsewhere. Rapid’s staff, both technicians and office, are friendly and provide superior customer service. I would not hesitate to recommend their services to any physician.
Dr. S.
Valley Stream, NY

Rapid Diagnostics has been a major contributor to our patient retention efforts. Their professionalism and dedication have been a great help in maintaining the high standards of patient care we strive for. Our patients are more comfortable when they can have all their diagnostic testing done in our office. Rapid’s support staff and technicians care about our practice and value our relationship.
Dr. A.
Internal Medicine Practice
Staten Island, NY