Urodynamic Studies

Urodynamic studies evaluate dysfunctions of the lower urinary tract, including problems with the bladder and urethra to provide a thorough, accurate diagnosis and personalized treatment plan. While these conditions often produce recognizable symptoms, reports of these symptoms cannot be used to determine the underlying cause, as urodynamic testing can.

Full urodynamics studies are considered the most accurate form of testing for determining the cause of incontinence and other urinary issues. These comprehensive tests also provide patients with effective treatment options.

We supply everything needed is supplied to perform urodynamic testing, including: the medical personnel to perform the testing, state-of-the-art equipment, and all necessary supplies, without capital outlay on your part. We pre-schedule testing in your office based on your needs.

We also provide you with a detailed urodynamic interpretation report with treatment recommendations for each patient, written by board certified Urologists. These reports will help you determine the best management options available. Our system is secure and HIPPA compliant.

There are several different tests involved in urodynamic studies, including:

  • Free uroflowmetry – measures how fast teh bladder can be emptied.
  • Multichannel cystometry – measures the pressure in the rectum and bladder, as well as the strength of the urethra, through the use of two pressure catheters that detect contractions in the bladder wall during bladder filling or other provocative maneuvers. A cough of Valsalva maneuver may be used to confirm a diagnosis of genuine stress incontinence.
  • Pressure uroflowmetry – measures the rate of voiding, while also evaluating the pressure of the bladder and rectum to determine the cause of bladder muscle weakness.


  • Frequency, nocturia, poor flow bladder outlet obstruction
  • Pressure flow frequency, nocturia, poor flow bladder outlet obstruction
  • Cystometry frequency, urgency Detrusor instability
  • Urethral closure pressure, incontinence, genuine stress incontinence
  • Ambulatory urodynamics frequency, urgency pointing to unstable bladder but not shown on staticurodynamics

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